Should you consider Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is for everyone; however, it generally applies to uninsured medical procedures. These are, primarily, dental work, cosmetic surgeries, fertility issues, and other uninsured procedures like the hip and knee replacement surgeries, or the weight loss surgeries like the lap band or the gastric bypass. Any procedure, including dental work, worth over 5,000 USD could mean savings for a US medical tourist, and the opportunity to travel at the same time.

The practice of Medical Tourism is often called Medical Vacations. Medical tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the attractions of the destination countries before the surgery, and then undergo the surgery at a world class medical facility, to later recover in a luxurious resort. The number of medical tourists keeps growing rapidly, and by now, more than one million Americans travel for healthcare every year.

Why use DocTrip as your Medical Tourism Agency?

DocTrip manages basic information about the business like where the desired medical procedures are available, which medical institutions are more specialized in them, or where you can save the most money. DocTrip has traveled to all the suggested destinations to assure they have the adequate sanitary standards, high quality personal and high tech equipment. DocTrip is also an American Travel Agency that can easily organize, recommend, and book: flights, preferred hotels and basic travel requirements. DocTrip services are FREE. Patients won’t pay more than what they would pay by going directly to the hospital or other service providers, and yet receive additional benefits.

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